T h e  G o o d  S h e p h e r d  C e n t r e 


Competition Entry & Development

The Good Shepherd Centre is a secure support centre for young, vulnerable people in Erskine, Scotland.

The centre approached the Glasgow School of Art Interior design community and asked that we put forward a design proposal for a calm and relaxing space for the young people to unwind and be creative. 

My proposal for the space was one that would provide a sleeping area and a creative zone. I designed a bespoke bed frame that would allow an individual to sit and relax in their own space with an integrated projector that would provide entertainment, or create a sensory experience. 

The creative zone has a fixed table with seating for those who wish to write and draw, with the option of using a safe and fixed interactive smart board, which has been placed just to the right of the entrance. 

The addition of wall and ceiling murals and a light colour pallet allows for the space to be tranquil and inviting. I have extended this design technique to the bathroom, with the addition of a wall with a small viewing point that gives the young person more privacy than previously given.

My design was selected by both the staff and the young people as the proposal in which they would like to take forward. The centre has now completed all 18 rooms, however understandable privacy restrictions means the final design images cannot be shown.