Private Residential 

During my time at XS Interiors, I have assisted Loraine in various different private residential projects, bringing homes and rooms back to life again.


For each of the private residential projects I have worked on with Loraine, I have been able to aid in the initial visit and surveying of the properties and the creation of an initial concept/storyboard, which would revolve around the clients wish list and also our recommendations. This also gave me an opportunity to speak with clients in a different environment from a typical studio meet and greet. It gave me the chance to hear and discuss the brief and wishes of the client and see the space they want transforming and evolving. 


Working from plans sketched up from our survey, I was able to assist Loraine in the selection of products for each room and help choose the best fabrics and wallpapers to compliment the space. During the presentation for each room/space, the client would be able to get a small taster from both the storyboard and the physical products and how their space would evolve into a something completely new and desirable.


I used the software programmes ArchiCAD and Photoshop to create a visual representation of the spaces, so the client could see what their space would look like upon completion and give them a better understating of how the space will be set up and used in everyday life.


Again, packing of the products was another aspect in which I have been involved in for the private residential projects. At present, these projects are on the run up to completion with set-up and completion dates for August 2017.

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