The Concept 

We live in a world that is rapidly and continuously developing; so advanced in technology that we sometimes cannot keep up with the changes.


We live in a world that is beautiful, scenic and quite simply breath-taking. There are so many places to explore, to take in and digest, but how accessible are these places? Accessibility is an overlooked and incredibly critical issue in our society and through this project, I hope to show that this can be changed. 

For my final year project, I have designed a hotel with accessible design at the forefront of each design stage.  Hotel at The Briggait has facilities that can accommodate those who require extra assistance and facilities, as well as a restaurant for both guests of the hotel and the general public to utilise. Hotel at The Briggait is a hotel for everyone. The hotel encapsulates the atmosphere and feeling of luxury that many other hotels offer, but with the advantage of being universally designed.

Why the Briggait? 

The Briggait is a large, beautiful building located in Glasgow's Merchant City. 

I first visited this building in 2015 when I assisted in a Furniture Pop-Up event. I loved the unconventional design features of the building, the alluring courtyard, and the way the individuals occupying the office and studio spaces have made them their own. Since then, I have returned to The Briggait on multiple different occasions for various events. When we were told we could select our own building for this project, I knew instantly that this would be it. 

The Briggait is a Grade A listed building. This means that the "Building is of national or international importance, either architectural or historic, or fine little-altered examples of some particular period or style".

Given these restrictions, it was inevitable that I would come across some stumbling blocks. However,  If I can challenge both myself and the design of the space, and in the end create a beautiful, comfortable and accessible space for all individuals, then why can't others do the same? 

Project Aim

My project aim is to ensure that individuals, families, and couples who require extra support and facilities and at times feel they cannot leave their home to go on a short break, or even just out for a meal can do so knowing they will have the necessary equipment, as they have at home, in an appealing and comfortable environment. In addition to this, de-medicalisation of your typical ‘accessible’ hotel room is paramount.


Although my focus and aim for the project are to cater to those who are not always considered in the wider perspective of the hotel business, the hotel and restaurant are accessible to any individual at any time.


The hotel boasts the same appealing aesthetics as a modern, boutique hotel, but with extra considerations in mind, for example, space, lighting, and technology.

147 Bridgegate, Glasgow G1 5HZ